Boxing Program

Boxing as Self-Defense

Learning how to box enhances one's ability to better absorb punches, avoid punches through practical defensive maneuvers, and counter-punch with speed and power. These skills can often intimidate bullies or assailants instantly; and end unavoidable physical altercations quickly and efficiently. Grappling, submission holds, and ground-fighting are all valuable skills; but if outnumbered on the street, it is far from ideal to be wrestling an attacker on the ground, giving other enemies the chance to stomp & strike while you are entangled & vulnerable. The ability to fight on your feet, and to be proficient in striking is key to ending altercations quickly. Boxing is one of the best ways to learn such skills.

Boxing Programs

Private 1-on-1 sessions allow the instructor to give complete, undivided attention to the student, with privacy eliminating any self-consciousness one may have about learning unfamiliar skills.

Multiple-client sessions allow clients to privately train in small groups of chosen partners, be it family, co-workers, or friends. Having partners to train with can make training more fun, and can add some friendly competition into the mix. Clients may train with as many as 10 total people in their private session. Don't be shy! Spread the word about our group rates, because for multiple-client sessions, the total cost per session is the same, no matter how many in your group!

Open sparring sessions typically occur each week, involving light-to-full sparring between the instructor and a pool of past & present students. Students are invited to the sparring group once they have demonstrated a high enough level of discipline, sportsmanship & fundamentals. This sparring group is great because it offers more advanced students continued development in their boxing skills and conditioning at a much lower cost than private sessions.

Adult and Youth Boxing Fitness (BoxFit) Program include:

(Youth Boxfit classes suspended due to COVID-19 -
1-on-1 Private training only)

  • Strengthing & warm up exercises
  • Exercise & partner drills
  • Learning proper boxing stance and footwork
  • Circling
  • Correct Jab, Cross, Hooks, Uppercuts
  • Bag work with punch combinations
  • Advanced Mitt Work
  • Catches, Side parry, covering high & low
  • Shoulder rolls, Slips, Duck, Bob and Weaves
  • Sparring Sessions
  • Proper technique & self-defense drills
  • Technique instruction by great coaches
  • Ab workouts & strength conditioning
  • 1 round is 3 minutes of work followed by 30 seconds of rest




Youth boxing program If your child has the spirit of a fighter within him or is just looking for a new sport after school, X-Fit youth boxing program is perfect. This is a no bullying zone! Children need to know when they have the right to defend themselves in order to stop someone from hurting them. I teach that using boxing or fighting outside the ring is a last resort, however if your hand is forced, the person regrets doing so. Designed for children ages 8 to 16 to bring your child from beginner level to USA Amateur Boxing fights if they choose to do so; and with the parents permission.

Focusing on authentic boxing techniques and training, your child will need gloves, wraps and a heightened sense of dedication. My boxing program is a great way for your child to build discipline, character, responsibility and self-control. Kids will learn these core values while strengthening both mind and body.


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